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Change in communications leadership at Hamburg Süd

After 38 years in the Oetker Group, including almost 25 years at Hamburg Süd, Eva Graumann, Global Head of Corporate Communications at Hamburg Süd, will be handing over responsibility for leading the company’s global communications to her successor and transitioning into retirement.

In 1993, the communications and brand expert moved from within the Oetker Group to Hamburg and the shipping company, where she started building up the Communications Department in 1996.
Today, Hamburg Süd is one of the strongest brands in container logistics and shipping in the North-South trades.

Starting February 1, Rainer Horn will be in charge of global communications at Hamburg Süd. The Hamburg native already has a decade of communications experience in liner shipping and, before that, he covered the industry as a business reporter for the “Hamburger Abendblatt” daily newspaper.


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