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How to behave and answer questions correctly when interviewing for Maritime, Energy or Technical Jobs

Interviewing for Maritime, Energy or Technical Jobs - Romcrew Maritime Career Center

You are scheduled for interview. Congrats !

Some Shipping Companies and Recruiting Agencies don’t require you to submit a resume. You fill an online application form an then, if shortlisted you go directly to an interview.

In these cases, the interview is the most important moment for you to demonstrate knowledge and confidence so you will get the job.. Here are some interview tips you can use:

1. Dress for Succes

We all know this, but as wide spread as this notion is, you will be amazed how many candidates show up at an interview in a red T-shirt and jeans.

Yes, we know. The final decision on who will get the job is done on other basis then how you dress. However, as some of you might have experienced, interviews have multiple rounds. First-round candidates are often dismissed because they presented in an inappropriately outfit.

Basic corporate outfit is your best choice in this case. Go with a black suit, white shirt, black tie. Leave your fancy accessories at home and use them on other occasions.

Even if it is summer, dress the suit completely. This will show the people in the room you are serious about getting the job.

2. Speak clearly

Use a loud, clear voice when answering questions and keep a good body posture. This will show confidence which is important in any first meeting.

Body language can work in your benefit. Think about your posture before you enter the room and:

- smile

- don't stare at anybody and at the same time don't look outside through a window.

- keep CV, pen, etc in your left hand and use the right one to shake hands.

- walk in the room keeping a good posture and confident.

Yes, we know, nothing new here until now. Remember though, human nature is to judge people by first impression. Make sure you make a good one.

3. Talk about your skills and experience

If the question permits, then take any chance to put your relevant skills and experience in front of the employer. You have only one chance to highlight your person and you should take it.

Do not leave this at chance. Go inside prepared. Depending on the position you apply for, write a presentation statement, a short pitch that you can include during the interview at any time to highlight the reasons why you are the best fit for the job.

Include here all relevant courses, skills, experience. If you had some work experience on land that might be useful for a #SeagoingJob then mention it. If your seaservice and seagoing experience put you in the first row for a #ShorebasedRole then be sure you point it out.

If you are a shy person and have a problem with expressing yourself in critical situation then you need to prepare more than others in advance. Write different speeches, read them out loud, synthesize them as much as possible and be ready to speak them out at any point in the interview.

Watch the above videos and extract the information that will help you. Add value to your process. Learn and apply

4. Avoid mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during an interview is putting yourself and what you can gain from that job as the most important topic of discussion.

Off course, you need to get some answers, but all those questions will get an answer when you will be presented with an offer. So keep negotiation for another stage. You are currently under review. The employer wants to know what you can bring to the table, what YOU can do for the Company.

Highlight what you have to offer. They care about what you can do for them. Ace this stage of the interview and we guarantee that the offer they will present you will be better than if you inquire this during the interview. A successful career planning takes all possible aspects in consideration.

Interviewing for Maritime, Energy or Technical Jobs

And now let's answer some of the questions. We aim at discussing only those that can go bad.


It's like anticipating disaster. This is a question designed to put the candidate off track and see how well he can handle stress. The secret here is to show that you are interested in the same field and industry and if you fail to get this job you will try to get a similar job at another company.


Never talk trash about your last employer. Never. We hope you understand this. Certainly not at a job interview. The only thing the person in front of you will think if you trash-talk your previous employers is how you will speak badly about his company when you decide to make a career change in the future.

It's nothing wrong with a career move if you have a good reason for it. Be it better opportunities, a good career path and perspective for promotion, you need a reason before you enter that room.


With this one, you have 2 options. Go the safe way, choose a strength and downplay it into a weakness, but you might find yourself in a weird position when the person in front of you will see through this strategy and give some bad points for this.

We encourage that you find a certain skill that is needed for the job you are applying for and present it together with a strength that will help you improve in that field fast.

For example, if you worked in the Tanker or Dry-Cargo Industry and you are looking into entering the Cruise Industry you might want to identify some fields where you need improvement. Due to the nature of the Cruise Industry, the on-board personnel for example need to develop different or adjacent skills besides those mandatory required for a good technical performance on the Job.

Identify one of these fields, and think what personal or professional trait you might have that will enable you to reach good performance in a different Industry, fast. Use this knowledge in interviews. It will show that you reflected about working there and you are already trying to solve problems and meet requirements.

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