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Build a strong personal network in the Maritime Sector

A strong personal network is the key to succes in the Maritime Sector - Romcrew Maritime Career Center


Networking is one of the most important ways to build your professional capital and take your next step in Career. Maximize your potential, cultivate your network and showcase your relevant skill set.

Identify your core contacts, people you know personally and are naturally willing to help. These are the people you will rely on and will help you start building a strong network. Start with friends and family and build up the ladder.

Identify the people who fit into your Personal network category. Go though your database of connections. This will trigger new ideas of how to build your Personal network, but it will also remind you to reconnect with these people. For example, if you have a group of people you have sailed with over the years, is there a story about the Masters that they would all enjoy ?

To succed in this relationship economy you have to be open at the ideea that you have to give more value upfront than you are trying to receive. The best time to cultivate relationships is when you have nothing to ask for and only something to give.

When your time comes to ask, you don’t appear self-serving. Some of the best connections end up being the most random.

VOLUNTEER ! the best way to make yourself remarked and build network


Find an organization working on a cause you care about, and volunteer a few hours a month. It's great to step outside of your day-to-day work and contribute to a different mission, and you'll meet people who care about similar things.

Use your connections to get a free pas into the nearest Shipyard and offer your help for free a couple of days per month. You will be amazed of how many people you will met and how your horizon will become larger.

Start looking into mutual friends, alumni networks and any other degrees of separation that could get you a simple introduction, thus creating your own network. Remember: it’s all about selflessness. Don't do anything with your mind on a certain path or gain. Things will never work out that way.

Professional Networks

Professional networks offer easy, effective, and efficient networking opportunities. Members of these networks or organizations are, by definition, in contact with others and often know upcoming job opportunities and where you can send job applications so you have maximum impact.

For those relocating or somewhat socially introverted, the conferences, events, and regular meetings offer opportunities for social connections. To maximize these networks as networking opportunities, you need to be visible. Become an active member, coordinate the next meeting, become an officer, try some committee work. This will allow people to see what you can do.

We recommend LinkedIn. Try it. Engage with others. Enter Groups. Write content. Build value around you. Career planning is all about building value in time through sustained and constant effort.

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